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    The Long Gone Shoes are finally here, so let's talk about us (just a brief, don´t worry!)

    We have always been great lovers of shoes which is no surprise as we come from Elda, the Spanish capital of footwear manufacturing, where we have proudly made shoemaking our way of life. Now, after long dreaming about it, we bring to you the fabulous Long Gone Shoes, where we have combined our love for 40s and 50s music and lifestyle and our true passion for shoes.

    Long Gone Shoes was born from a deep love of the classic styles and disenchantment with fast fashion, and our constant search is the true authenticity of the golden days. We do incorporate original buckles and ornaments into our designs wherever possible, and we are always looking for good leather remnants and end of rolls fabrics, putting to good use what would otherwise be wasted. All for an authentic, unique and eco-friendly collection! This means that you will find our each of our reproduction shoes in a limited edition. So you can guarantee that you won’t find other kittens wearing the same shoes! 

     As well as selling through our website we love to get out there and meet cool kittens and cats like you. We'll be having a stall at few weekenders which will be listed on our website and Long Gone Shoes Facebook page, so stay tuned and come in to say hola!


    We are a small business but we love what we do. Please be patient if we do not reply to you as fast fashion brand could do...

    Long Gone Shoes is a European sized brand. All our shoes are proudly made in Spain.



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