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Por supuesto, también hablamos español :)

Long Gone Shoes Press Release

Born in Elda (Alicante), home of Spanish shoes, Celia Marco belongs to the second generation of a family of craftsmen and industrial shoemakers. After working for years in high-fashion companies, and deeply disenchanted with the "fast fashion" and its excesses, Celia decided to go for what she loves: to combine the music and style of the 40s and 50s, and her passion for shoes. After long dreaming about it she created Long Gone Shoes.

Long Gone Shoes design and produce footwear reproductions from the 40s and 50s true to the original, classy, comfortable and attractive, aimed at an international customer who appreciates quality and adores the authenticity of the Golden Age.

Long Gone Shoes is proud to manufacture exclusively in Spain under strict quality controls, working with local factories benefiting from skilled and experienced professionals and helping shoemaking and industry survive, contributing to the local economy. All for a truly premium footwear reproduction.

The Long Gone Shoes collections come in Limited Edition, so once they're gone, they're long gone. And for those looking for something really special a new service is offered: "Long Gone Shoes - Custom Made".

Long Gone Shoes Values

  • We are honest, we believe in respect and fair treatment.
  • Sustainability: We support handcrafting and small producers. We prefer local materials and we the lowest impact on the environment.
  • We are passionate about everything related to the 40s and 50s: music, aesthetics, architecture, art ... we'd like to transmit it.
  • Conciliation: we believe in a better work-life balance and gender equality.
  • Roots, we are shoemakers since always. Our families have been devoted to footwear generation after generation.
  • Excellency, we want customers to be satisfied and recommend us to their friends.

Elda, 2016

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